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Upcoming Events

April 4 Bible/Book Club 6:30pm at the church for 5 Mondays, All are welcome, no prereading required.

April 19 Council meeting 7pm

April 22 Family Movie Night, 7pm (a classic story of a young alien, left behind, who befriends a young boy who helps him get home)

April 24 Youth Sunday,

April 29: Family Movie Night, 7pm movie (about a bunch of misfits that try to find a pirates treasure in order to stop the foreclosure on their home.)

April 24 Eastern Association, Meeting 2pm                                  

May 15 Congregational Meeting, 11am

Need Gift Ideas?  Start at church for your gift giving with our cookbooks or apple butter!!  

Cookbooks Our 2009 published cookbook is available with over 400 pages of recipes for $25 each.  Our 100th Anniversary Cookbooks published in 2004 have 54 pages of recipes for $5  each.  

Apple Butter - $8.00 for quarts, $5.00 for pints and $3.00 for half pints.

Fresh Whole Hog Sausage - $8.00 for a 2 lb package.


Breakfast, St Johns UCC, 8-9:30 AM, (Every 3rd Sunday)

April 16 Mofestival, Union MO, 2-7pm

April 23 Ladies Spring Luncheon at  St John's UCC, Cappeln. 11:30 am, please rsvp to Bonnie Hicks (636-887-0162 or Hazel Roever (636-828-5698)

April 24 IHM Spring Sausage Dinner, 11-6pm